Things I am Thinking About Right Now...

  • 1. Signs of Spring ( Turkey Vultures seen; Now Waiting for the First Red-Winged Blackbird )
  • 2. Jasper Fforde's New Book ( Awaiting it's Arrival )
  • 3. The Royal Ontario Museum ( Nice Visit; The Kids Really Loved it ! )
  • 4. The Crossley ID Guide ( Not as much time to obssess on it this week )
  • 5. Kortright Maple Syrup Festival ( On now...Hope to get there in the Next Week...)
  • 6. Barred Owls at Cranberry Marsh ( Need to Remember my SLR Next Time )
  • 7. The Elephant Pepper Development Trust ( Great Idea and cause to Support )
  • 8. March Break in One Week ( Possible trip to Windsor...)
  • 9. Newfoundland this Summer !
  • 10. The Carden Nature Festival ( Three Months Away... )

Monday, March 7, 2011

BirdLife International Community

A Review of BirdLife International Community

A Day at the Museum

What to do when it's raining in March ? Go to the museum, of course. Some highlights from the Royal Ontario Museum...

THE DAUGHTER with T-Rex in the background

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Honduras - Rio Amarillo and Home - Part 3 of 3

Ready for a hike ?

My Fourth and Fifth Day in Honduras - Rio Amarillo Nature Reserve and Bird # 500 ?

Honduras - Copan and Macaw Mountain - Part 2 of 3

Looking over the ruins at Copan
My Third day in Honduras - Copan Ruins and Macaw Mountain

Honduras - La Chorcha Lodge - La Laguna-San Francisco Rd.- Part 1 of 3

Welcome to Honduras !!!!

My First two days in Honduras - La Chorcha Lodge and the La Laguna-San Francisco Rd.

THE SON and the Owl

My son is an interesting character. He is a nice, cute boy who is very empathetic, crying whenever his sister cries or if there some other "distress" occurring around him. However, he is also temperamental...very temperamental.
Anyways, I took THE SON out for a little expedition after picking him up from daycare. The subject of our expedition: A BARRED OWL that has been hanging around Cranberry Marsh this winter ( see my post from Feb. 26th ).
The owl was easy to find, as it decided to sit out in the open and attracted several photographers. I carried my son down the icy trail to join this group. The owl was clearly unfazed by the attention, turning it's head now and then but doing nothing else ( To their credit, the photographers were keeping their distance ). I tried to point the owl out to my son but, between the owl staying so still and the distraction of the photographers clicking away, I'm not sure my son even saw the owl.
So after a few minutes, I'm ready to leave and I precede our leaving by saying "Bye-bye Owl". To which my son responds with a hell-hath-no-fury scream. At this point, I'm walking up the trail as fast as I can to get him away from the photographers and all the way my son is bawling out the words "NOOOOOOOoooooooo, OOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL". Even when we got to the car, his crying continued and the only way I could bring him back was to ask him what noise the owl made ( to which he responded with the saddest hooting noise possible ). I think I have an owl fan on my hands...

Favourite Books ( Bird-related, Kid-related and Personal Entertainment-Related )

  • B is for Bufflehead by Steve Hutchcraft ( A must for any child of a birder ! )
  • The Crossley ID Guide ( Great Stuff; Review forthcoming...)
  • Sibley's Guide to Birds ( THE DAUGHTER Loves this Book )
  • The Thea Stilton Series ( THE DAUGHTER Loves This Series; Added Plus: Smart Adventurous Female Characters )
  • Far North in the Arctic ( A great counting book that THE SON is seriously into right now...)
  • I Like Bugs ( THE SON is a Fan )
  • The Water Hole by Graeme Base ( Highest Recommendation from all of us...)
  • Song of the Dodo by David Quammen ( My Favourite Non-Fiction Book; One of my Favourite Authors too )
  • Any of Jasper Fforde's Books ( Daddy's Favourite )
  • Any of Christopher Moore's Books ( Daddy's Second Favourite )